Tech Tips – Fun Apps Part 3


Here a few apps to help you out:

smallpdf: Do you have a PDF that is too big to send through your network email and you can’t use a cloud based software?  Web based and easy to use, you can have a compressed PDF in just minutes!  (You can also combine documents into a PDF and convert a pdf to jpgs).

unRollMe: Have you signed up for multiple newsletters over the years and they are now clogging up your inbox?  Try this handy tool to stream line what you are subscribed to and choose what to unsubscribe!

Do you have any favourite apps that help you get through your workload?

ColorPick Eyedropper: Do you put together posters or formatted documents and you need to colour match to company colours or something you want to mimick?  If you use Chrome for a browser, check our this app which can pick a colour anywhere on your screen and give you the RGB and HTML code colours.

Administrative Networking

Do you employ an administrative professional or you are one yourself?  There are lots of tools, blogs, education and associations available to you.

International Association of Administrative Professionals:  This is a North American group that offers membership to access their magazine publication “OfficePro”, certification, education, conferences, on-line forums and webinars.  There is a yearly fee but it is reasonable!

All Things Admin: A fantastic source of training for both corporate and admins.  There’s templates, webinars, recommended books to read, blog posts and on-demand training.

PA Privé:  This is a UK website dedicated to resources for Executive Assistants.  Lots of articles about office life, news, handy apps, etc.

There are many other career websites and Facebook fan pages to take a look at to help you stay current in your career or for managers to help their employees improve their administrative skills!

If you aren’t a huge fan of learning online, we do offer business workshops!

Twitter Tips

Twitter is a really great social media tool (you can find us @OC_Yellowknife) that is a hashtag-27425_1280necessity for today’s marketing. There are a few things to know about tweeting and today we are focusing on hashtags.

Hashtags are “tags” you add to the end of a tweet, to categorize or help others find your tweet, that start with the pound key or number sign.  For example, here in Yellowknife to let other people know about something local you should add the hashtag #yzf or #yellowknife. Local tweeters often search #yzf to find out what is going on in the city. You could also add other hashtags such as #shopyk or #jobs that categorize your tweets for consumers searching online.

Tip 1:
Use hashtags that help categorize or add a location.

Tip 2:
Don’t overuse hashtags or too many otherwise it will make your tweet confusing and unprofessional.

Tip 3:
Follow local trends and promotions to help your business get noticed.

Tip 4:
Don’t hashtag an entire sentence, keep the hashtag short and concise.

Tip 5:
Hashtags should be placed at the end of your tweet to make it easy to read.

Do you have any tips to pass on?

If you need more tips, let us know! We offer social media workshops and one-on-one training to help you understand how to market your business. 

Blog – The Inside Scoop

blog-397826_1280Blogging, or more formally titled “weblog”, has been around since the early late 90’s/early 2000’s.  The trend began on websites such as GeoCities and Angelfire  which then moved towards better platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. Using a blog is basically the same concept as writing in a paper journal but instead it is located online for the world to see.  You can blog on a personal basis or as a business.

Having a blog has become very popular and according to Wikipedia stats:

“On 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.[4] On 20 February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr[5] and 75.8 million WordPress[6] blogs in existence worldwide. According to critics and other bloggers,Blogger is the most popular blogging service used today, however Blogger does not offer public statistics.[7][8]Technorati has 1.3 million blogs as of February 22, 2014[9]” 

Blogging has become yet another place online to find information, interact and share. Having a blog for your business can help you reach your customers by discussing topics that would interest them and that tie back to the service or product that you sell. Blogs also help showcase your business on a more personal level too!

Where to build a free blog website (to name a few):cms-265129_1920

Note: Remember to properly credit photos, images, links and any other resources that you use on your blog.

P.S. If you have a business website, talk to your web host/developer about setting up a blog within your website.

Personally You

There’s a lot to be said about knowing who you are.  Knowing what makes you excited, nervous or emotional, can deeply impact your career as well.  We are all very different individuals and sometimes it can be difficult getting along with others.  Learning about ourselves in turn can help us understand others better!

Are you looking for insight into your personality?  Here are a couple on-line quizzes:



Take a few minutes and perhaps learn something new about yourself?

Tech Tips – Fun Apps Part 2

There are so many apps out there that can help you stay organized and keep on top of your everyday life.  Here are a few more for you to check out!


This is such a great app  that basically merges a whiteboard and sticky notes into a program.  You can create boards for various projects or clients, under each board you start lists and in those lists you put cards (like sticky notes). You can click and drag the cards under different lists and also archive.  These cards can be just text, images, links or even a to-do list.  If you love to have to-do lists, this tool is for you!  (

HootSuiteDo you manage the company’s social media profile?  If so, you definitely need to use Hootsuite! Hootsuite helps you manage and schedule* your posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare to name a few.  You can link up to three social media profiles for free. (

doodleAre you in charge of inviting clients to meetings or do you need to set up a meeting with someone and can’t figure out a date?  Doodle poll is your friend! You don’t even need to sign up for an account (but you can), just go to the website and start up your poll! You can suggest a ton of dates and time of day!  It’s also really easy for the recipient of the poll to respond.  The website will email you when someone responds to the poll.  (


*What to learn about scheduling social media posts? That’s part of our social media workshop or one-on-one training available to you! 

Dress to Impress

So your resume has been screened and you have been selected for an interview. The next big question is, what to wear.  Fashion and clothing choices can make a good or a bad impression so be careful of your appearance!

Here are some guidelines:
























Locally, not all companies are going to require you to wear a suit or dress jacket but a nice top and bottom with appropriate shoes.  Remember low cut shirts, tights/yoga pants, stained shirts or ripped jeans are not acceptable interview apparel.

Please keep in mind that although some styles are in fashion, most of the time they are not acceptable wear for an interview.  You may have an excellent resume and all of the qualifications but how you dress could make a world of difference.

You vs Electronic Filing

Electronic file systems are just as important as paper! Being organized in how you store your files personally and professionally can make a difference in your work productivity. 

1. Start a main folder:  Create a folder where you want to start building your electronic file system.  It could be as simple as naming the file your own name.  Within that folder you need to create subfolders.

2. Sub folders:  Think of your filing system like a tree, branching out but coming together at the base.  Start with your main folder but within that folder, create sub folders of other topics/projects.  You can create folders inside of folders too!  Having documents just floating around outside of a file can be distracting and make it difficult to find what you are looking for in the future.

3. Folder names:  Again, same for paper filing, make sure you name your folders (sub folders) with simple and clean titles.   If you have files for multiple months, perhaps name sub folders by date.

4. File Paths:  An excellent way to keep super organized is to add file paths to the bottom of your documents so if you can’t remember where to find the electronic copy, the file path will point you in the right direction!  Remember to update your file paths if you move files around. Tip:  Maybe even create a “cheat sheet” for the office that lists the most frequently needed documents.

5. Review: A filing system won’t always be perfect so try to make time and review your filing procedures.  If something isn’t working, move files around or re-name them.  Create archive folders and put away past documents you don’t use.

You are only as organized as you make yourself. Being on top of your filing and having a proper filing system can make or break your efficiency.  Every office is different too so be sure to follow company guidelines if required.