“The staff at Office Compliments always greet our callers, whether they are Summit members, contractors or government officials, in a pleasant and professional manner.”

“They perform these duties with due attention to discretion and confidentiality.”

“Overall, we have found their service meets our need to track public and media interest in our project as well as a number of other issues of interest to our company.”

“The friendliness, the efficiency and the effort your receptionist and phone answering services have provided to our companies makes us feel confident that our customers are being treated with respect when we are not available. The effort you take into ” personalizing” the service to our business often leaves people unaware that they have even been dealing with an answering service. For the relatively nominal fee you charge, we know we are reaping a greater benefit and ensuring client and customer relations are maximized.”

“This contract consists of providing dedicated personnel to answer the 1800 tourism information line and provide clients with accurate information on the Northwest Territories both verbally and through mailing of fulfillment material in a timely manner. This information must also be tracked and reported monthly to (our office). Office Compliments has provided the above service for a number of years and has remained consistent and reliable.”