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Whether you’re fresh out of school, or experienced or looking to work in an office, OC Placements is for you.OC-Placements-cover

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Need Staff?

We partner with you to help find the staff you require, whether it is temporary or permanent positions to be filled through our system of Recruitment, Interviewing, Reference Background Check, Software & Administrative Skills Testing. With over 30 years of experience and building relationships with our clients, we are your number one source for your staffing needs.

Your staff are the keys to your success but it takes a lot of extra time and work to hire an employee. You have to develop a job description, design and place advertising, evaluate incoming resumes, short list, design interview questions, interview, perhaps further short list and re-interview, choose the candidate, make the offer and send regret letters.

Hiring permanent staff is difficult enough, but what about when you need a short term replacement or extra help on a special project?

Whether it is a permanent team member or short-term help you need, OC Placements has the answer. We will take away the headaches associated with the hiring process and leave you with the end result – qualified, knowledgeable staff. We can take care of the whole hiring process or just the components you request.

To assist you with your human resource requirements, we have developed a 4-phase process.

1. Determining Staffing Needs

We start with the job description of the opening you want to fill and assist you in identifying the necessary skills needed to ensure success in the position. OC Placements recognizes that your staff need the knowledge, flexibility and the ability to fit seamlessly into your organization, whether they are permanent or temporary placements.

2. Attracting Competence

How do we find the most compatible candidates for your position?

– Job Bank Initiative

Our job bank is full of job seekers that have registered with us and want to work now, both on a permanent and placement basis. Perfect for quick response to your staffing needs, our registered job seekers have the knowledge and skills required to meet your objectives.

– Direct Advertising Soliciting

Responses from the general public through advertising can provide you with a large response rate that may or may not have the qualifications you are looking for. When you work with OC Placements to develop and implement your advertising campaign, job seekers reply to our office taking away the heavy telephone, fax and walk-in traffic that tie up your current employees and interrupt the day-to-day activities that keep you competitive.

3. Evaluation

How many times have you read a resume and wondered how the words on paper translate into reality? Stop wondering! OC Placements has developed an extensive screening program to help differentiate between resume and reality.

– Interview Questions and answers.

Basically it all comes down to whether or not you like the candidate, right? Wrong. The best employee for your position must meet all of your criteria – not just personal compatibility. OC Placements has the expertise to ask the “right questions” and the ability to interpret the candidate’s answers. Don’t leave your interviews to guesswork, let our experts find the best staff for your organization.

4. Reference Checking

Often overlooked, reference checking should never be an option. Our experience has shown that behavior in one organization will invariably be transferred to your work place. With hundreds of hours of experience, OC Placements knows what questions to ask and how to read the subtle cues given by previous employers.

But wait, there’s more …

Exit Interviews

Why do employees leave your organization? Is it money, hours, benefits, too many or too few challenges, career change or organizational compatability? If you know why people are leaving, you can decide if internal changes need to be made to extend your staff turnover cycle. Former employees are far more likely to be candid when speaking with someone not directly affiliated with your organization. Feedback from these interviews is delivered in a timely manner for your use.

From evaluations to hiring to providing exit feedback, OC Placements is designed to meet all of your employment needs. As human resource experts, we can also assist you in developing job descriptions, creating or updating your Human Resource Policy Manual, providing payroll services and advice on company benefits.

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, OC Placements is the perfect matchmaker.

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