Social Media is no longer a fad, it’s a revolution in communication that needs to embraced. You don’t have to like it but it’s no longer NOT an option to be apart of. In our Social Media Marketing workshops we talk about how many residents in Yellowknife are engaged online and how connected it makes us.

Social Media Marketing sounds so official, so intimidating.  We want to help you feel more comfortable using social media as a medium to get your message out to your clients.

Yellowknife has a lot of individuals who run a small business by themselves and cannot afford to pay a lot of money to advertise.

Our workshops or 1-on-1 training can help you get started with the right tools. We aren’t going to give you an elaborate marketing plan, we are going to discuss what works best for you, what apps or online tools that you need to be successful and grow your customer base. Such tools we would suggest are third party platforms where you can schedule Facebook and Twitter status’. This will save you time and keep your profile up when you are too busy to be interacting online all day. We show you how to find Twitter users in Yellowknife and what hashtags (we can explain what this is too!) to use plus the personal aspect of it all as well. Bring photos and other content you want posted and we’ll help you get started!

We are a small business that is all about helping other businesses be successful! If you are looking for some hands on assistance, shoot us an email at!