Here a few apps to help you out:

smallpdf: Do you have a PDF that is too big to send through your network email and you can’t use a cloud based software?  Web based and easy to use, you can have a compressed PDF in just minutes!  (You can also combine documents into a PDF and convert a pdf to jpgs).

unRollMe: Have you signed up for multiple newsletters over the years and they are now clogging up your inbox?  Try this handy tool to stream line what you are subscribed to and choose what to unsubscribe!

Do you have any favourite apps that help you get through your workload?

ColorPick Eyedropper: Do you put together posters or formatted documents and you need to colour match to company colours or something you want to mimick?  If you use Chrome for a browser, check our this app which can pick a colour anywhere on your screen and give you the RGB and HTML code colours.