There are so many great tools out there that can help your productivity, organizational and team work skills.  Here are a few of our office favourites:


Pocket is such a handy tool, app and Chrome extension that you can use to “pocket” articles, websites, etc to read later.  It is free!
Pro:  You can create tags to help categorize all of your articles so searching is easy
Con: If the link goes dead, Pocket won’t pick up on it



Easy to use, free (up to 2,000 subscribers) e-mail design web based program. Mailchimp is a great tool to create graphic email to send out in mass mailings.
Pro: You can easily manage your email database
Con: Unless you pay for the service, you will have a MailChimp logo on the bottom of your emails



Survey Monkey

Need to send out a quick poll to clients or event attendees? Survey Monkey gives you the ability to set up a poll with a dedicated link to share and receive the results.
Pro: Free! Easier to use and lots of options for types of questions
Con: You can only do up to 10 questions for free and you have to copy the results yourself manually otherwise you have to pay to download the results.

What tools do you love to use?