About Us

Since 1986, when Office Compliments first opened its doors, we’ve been making the business of doing business in the North easier for our clients. Like most organizations with staying power, we keep a step ahead of the ever-changing world of business to offer services and support in the areas where our clients need them, when they need them most.

Office Compliments is wholly owned and operated in the North by Liz Wyman and Greg Merrithew and managed by Judy Murdock. Northern Preference was obtained in November of 1986. The company and its owners are active in the Yellowknife and NWT business community and are committed to a Buy North policy.

Today, Office Compliments offers professional-quality service in three divisions that complement today’s business

  • OC Business Services
  • OC Placements
  • OC Conference Planning

Office Compliments is located at:

103, 5204 50th Avenue
1st Floor, Diamond Plaza
Yellowknife, NT  X1A 1E2

Phone: 867.920.4624
Fax:    867.873.6387

Email: oc@offcomp.ca